Here at SuperDog Turf  we have been one of the pioneers developing specialist artificial grass and installation methods specifically for dogs.

To make soft but hard wearing, lush green lawns that are safe and help manage and control smells.

From learning, listening and testing, having completed well over 2,880 domestic artificial grass installations and by visiting different manufacturers, we helped develop to date the ONLY European PU ‘polyurethane’ pet friendly artificial grass range.

Our parent company EliGrass Artificial Grass had such demand and success with our pet range, we started SuperDog Turf as a dedicated brand to manage and continue to progress and lead the way.

We have many domestic and professional dog installations including dedicated dog kennels and some of the best dog agility arenas who have represented Team GB, world famous and prestigious Charity and animal hospitals in the UK, this includes:
The Royal Veterinary College    Team GB Devon Dogs    Battersea Dogs and Cats Home


Not all artificial grass or installation methods are suitable for pets.
It is important to look at all the options available and make an informed decision before buying.

The majority of artificial grass in the UK is from China and is not made in the most efficient or controlled manner.
99% of artificial grass in the UK today has a latex backing which absorbs dog urine and causes odour problems.

Also standard installation methods using a sand base and infill along with a latex backing makes dog pee congeal, creating strong smells.

SuperDog Turf have continually helped develop a European polyurethane artificial grass range. The PU doesn’t crack and flake like latex and allows a better flush through for dog wee and waste.

We use a granite type base that handles higher traffic in the same areas, where as sand is more prone to movement. We also add an under-layer of our ZEO+ to improve the drainage performance and odours.

Our ZEO+ infill is brushed into the artificial grass on completion, it does not bind and has tiny microscopic holes improving drainage and helping to neutralise smells.


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