A vast level of the UK are dog owners. Truth be told, as indicated by the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA), in 2018, 26% of family units in the UK – that is 6,604,000 homes – have dogs. Also, meaning 9 million dogs across the UK.

A few investigations have demonstrated that by owning a puppy, you’ll be more advantageous, feel less stressed, feel more secure and, obviously, a lasting friendship.

Be that as it may, shockingly, there is a drawback. One that disappoints a number of dog owners – this being keeping their garden looking good

A way to overcome this is to introduce artificial grass. With the regularly expanding nature of fake grass, many pet proprietors are seeing fake grass as the ideal answer for a paw-trodden garden.

Here are the reasons:

1. Muddy Footprints Will Become a Thing of the Past

It very well may be a genuine errand wiping your pooch’s paws each time they have wandered out into the garden, yet it must be done – muddy prints can ruin your home.

One of the fundamental favourable circumstances of having fake grass is that your canine will never again wind up shrouded in mud.

When installing an artificial lawn, the existing mud is excavated and a sub-base consisting of aggregate is installed. The turf is then laid on top of the sub-base. This completely removes the chance of your dog becoming covered in mud, meaning that they can run around outside all year round, come rain or shine, without bringing mud back into your home.

2. Dogs Cannot Dig Through Artificial Grass

Numerous dogs love burrowing. It’s what a few pooches do best.

‘Could pooches burrow through fake grass?’

It is, obviously, a reasonable concern. Let be honest, having fake grass introduced isn’t the least expensive thing on the planet and the exact opposite thing you need is for your flawless, recently laid garden to be destroyed by a sharp digger.

In any case, rest assured that, if it is introduced effectively, this isn’t conceivable. The majority of our items have a thick, thick pile that is sewed on to a twofold layered support.

Our support are shaped of an essential texture layer in addition to an optional layer, involving additional intense and strong burrow verification latex elastic.

As an extra line of defence, we also recommend that a sand infill is applied to all of our artificial turf products. That’s for a variety of reasons, but the main advantage for pet owners is that it prevents pets from being able to reach the backing layer.

Another important part of ensuring that your dog cannot harm your fake grass is to ensure that it is properly secured at the edges.

There are many different types of edging system that may be used when installing artificial grass, but for dog owners we recommend using a timber or plastic lumber edging. With this, the edges of your lawn can be firmly secured using galvanised nails, which ensures that your turf cannot be lifted at the edges.

3. Fake Grass Looks Great All Year Round

Another extraordinary favorable position of fake grass is that it can be used and appreciated throughout the year.

Regularly, amid the winter months, genuine grass lawns turn out to be no-go territories as they can turn boggy and wet amid this time.

This can rapidly transform your lawn into a mess. In any case, fake grass will look incredible, whatever the climate.

That is on the understanding that rain rapidly deplete through fake grass without making standing water on the surface of your garden.

This is ideal for pet proprietors who fear their gardens getting to be mudbaths.

4. Fake Grass is Free from Harmful Substances

For whatever length of time that you pick a turf that has been freely tried and guaranteed against hurtful substances, you can rest guaranteed that your fake lawn won’t make any harm to you or your pets.

There will never again be any need to utilize the possibly unsafe synthetics that are expected to keep up a genuine garden.

Manures, weedkillers and pesticides are considered harmful to your pets, and nature, as well. By having fake grass you can toss out those dangerous substances for the last time, leaving a safe area for your pooches to appreciate.

5. Fake Grass is a Fantastic Sensory Experience for Your Dog

There is no uncertainty about it, dogs love fake grass.

There is something about the surface of the strands that feels great under their paws and against their coats.

The rich, thick pile of our items guarantees that they are delicate and agreeable to lie on and your puppy will like simply unwinding on your fake lawn

Furthermore, it’s the dogs that will love it as well as their owners who won’t have the capacity to help themselves getting outside and playing with their pooches.

6. Fake Grass Is Easy to Clean

This advantage is most likely more for the owners than the pooches themselves.

Obviously, it is likely that your puppy will use your artificial garden as their private washroom.

Yet, rest guaranteed, this won’t hurt your artificial grass. Fake grass is amazingly simple to clean.

Fluids will deplete through the punctured support of fake grass and can be washed through with a garden hose. Solids can be managed in the normal way.

Pee or fertilizer can’t and won’t make your artificial turf blur or stain, and they won’t affect your grass, either.

This is another tremendous advantage for canine owners and it makes choosing fake grass a totally easy decision.


It won’t come as a total shock that the majority of our clients our dog owners.

Owning a dog is a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience for many homeowners across the UK and it is, of course, entirely understandable that many wouldn’t give up their dogs for the world.

But, just because you’re a proud dog owner doesn’t mean that your garden should have to suffer.

And that’s where artificial grass provides the ultimate alternative solution to the real thing.

The quality and realism of today’s artificial grass means that having the fake stuff is no longer the faux pas it once was.