A Hot Mess: Zeo+ And Artificial Turf

You love the fact that today’s artificial turf is so dog-friendly. Finally, you can have the lush green lawn. But beware: choosing the right artificial grass for your garden is just the beginning, the infill you can’t see can make all the difference in how your grass performs. Especially if you have a dog or two.

Why? Consider the following scenario . . .

If your dogs have had the run of the garden – and the day has been warm and sunny – the ammonia in their pet waste has probably turned from liquid to gas. And those gas molecules are wafting their way toward you.

Artificial grass with Zeo+ eliminates that smelly mess

Zeo+ is a type of infill specifically formulated to prevent liquids such as pet waste from gasifying and effectively gassing you out of your own yard. It is composed of 97.6% pure Clinoptilolite, a natural silicate zeolite that is formed when molten volcanic lava encounters seawater.

These natural, organic crystals have a honeycomb-like structure that make them microscopically porous. The crystals also carry a negative charge. So when they come in contact with positively-charged liquid ions – ammonia, the positive ions become trapped within the crystal’s structure.

Artificial grass with Zeo+ turns down the heat

Thanks to its permeability, Zeo+  is able to cool fake grass in much the same way that Mother Nature cools natural grass. It’s a process called evapotranspiration, in which cooling moisture is released into the air. Zeo+ infill can cool artificial grass as much as 20 degrees.

For your lawn, it’s important that you get Zeo+ branded infill product, because it is 100% natural and environmentally friendly. Like all the other components of superior quality artificial turf, it is safe for dogs and the rest of your family, too. Since it’s not toxic, it won’t harm them even if they manage to inhale or swallow it. In fact, Clinoptilolite zeolite is used for detoxifying and removing hazardous materials from the body. With other types of zeolite products, you cannot be assured of purity.

When you install artificial grass with Zeo+, everyone gets what they want. Now when you come home, you can actually enjoy your back garden.

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