About Us

We’ve been creating amazing outdoor spaces for man’s best friend for over 10 years. No more mud, brown patches or smells – just green fresh spaces for you and your dogs to enjoy!

WE’VE BEEN CREATING HIGH QUALITY HOME & COMMERCIAL GARDENS SINCE 2005. We are specialists in artificial grass for dogs

We are the only UK company to install an artificial turf specifically designed for dogs. We are specialists in artificial grass for dogs and pets

And you can be guaranteed that we only use the highest quality materials and installation specifications

To ensure we care about the environment we ensure that we use recycled materials as often as possible, to offset any negative ecological impact our installations may have on the environment

We are always available after your grass has been installed and offer full refresh and refurb packages, click here to find out more

The turf we use at SuperDog Turf is soft, very strong and compact. It has fast flow, backing and Zeo+ infill that allows urine and waste to be washed away cleanly and quickly with no unhygienic residue.

SuperDog Turf was established from listening to dog owners asking us if there was a way to reduce the smells caused by dog wee.

We thought there must be a way and with our knowledge gained from over 1,700 domestic artificial grass installations, we have travelled the world and worked with our manufacturers to develop the ONLY European PU ‘polyurethane’ artificial grass. We are specialists in artificial grass for dogs

We also supply grass for all garden types, take a look at our EliGrass artificial grass website


Odour & Bacteria Reducing

Artificial Grass Systems for UK Dog Owners


  • Pollen allergy free
  • Dig and tear resistant backing
  • Reduced separation and lifting of edges


  • Short, dense pile for easy poop pick up!
  • Superior removal of bacteria from waste into the Zeo+
  • Easy wash grass & no mud!


  • Zeo+ infill to remove ammonia from urine
  • Faster draining than other artificial grass
  • No urine coagulation under the grass to cause odour

Let’s Build Your Dream Garden Together

Tired of muddy paws, brown patches and wee smells? Want to create a space that both you and your dogs will love. Get in touch today, it’ll be the best decisions you make.