Artificial Grass for Dogs – Everything You Need to Know

Dog Faeces and Urine Issues

One of the biggest concerns pet owners have about artificial grass for dogs is whether dog faeces and urine will damage a artificial lawn. Well, unlike real turf, artificial grass won’t die when a dog pees on it. Dog urine drains away, just like rain. Dog faeces will need to be cleaned up, just as you would on a real lawn. Simply scoop the mess up and hose the area down to remove any residual grains.

Kill Nasty Odours

If there is any lingering odour from your dog, work some bicarbonate of soda into the area and spray vinegar over it. This will completely eradicate any nasty smells, permanently and naturally. Alternatively if your lawn wasn’t fitted by us, we can come and add our Zeo+ infill which eradiates any wee odours or bacteria.

Advantages of Artificial Grass for Dogs

  • Artificial lawns are safe for pets to play on. Artificial grass is soft, warm, and inviting especially in the sun
  • You don’t need to weed and feed an artificial lawn, so you won’t have to keep your pets indoors for a day at a time. You, your pets and the kids can all play outside without a care
  • Artificial grass means you don’t have to deal with muddy paws

Artificial grass is just as kind to dogs as the real stuff. It is also low maintenance and more than capable of withstanding over-exuberant dogs. And unlike real grass, your fake lawn will stay green and lush for years to come.

Artificial Grass for Dogs – Everything You Need to Know – we can help you learn more by contacting us

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