How to solve the 3 biggest problems

Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular with Dog owners

Why? It solves 3 of the most frustrating issues dog owners face:

  1. Mud
  2. Fleas & ticks
  3. Harmful chemicals


1) Mud

Eliminating mud is a big one. When you think about how much time is spent cleaning paws & WHOLE dogs due to the dirt, dust & mud on your property, you quickly realize how fast it adds up.


2) Fleas & Ticks

While artificial pet grass won’t completely eliminate pests, it does greatly reduce them. They simply can not live inside the blades of synthetic turf, and of course there is no soil to nest in. As long as leaf debris is cleaned up, your pest problem will greatly diminish


3) Chemicals

With synthetic grass, you can toss out the herbicides, fertilizers and weed sprays. Importantly creating a safer environment for your 4-legged friends.


How to solve the 3 biggest problems dog owners face in their own garden…- we can help you learn more by contacting us

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