Why Artificial Grass Cannot be Destroyed by Your Dog

Are you thinking about investing in artificial grass, but are worried your dog might destroy it? The good news is that you shouldn’t have to worry about your dog ruining your new grass.

This is because artificial grass technology has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years. In fact, after years of installing artificial grass on properties, we’ve never once had to return because a dog has destroyed one of our lawns.

What makes artificial grass practically dog-proof?

With advancements in manufacturing over recent years, artificial grass is now extremely durable. It gets put through rigorous strength testing to exceed British standards. This ensures the blades of grass cannot be pulled out of the weave, so your dog won’t be able to destroy or eat it. It can also withstand heavy footfall.

It is very hard-wearing and completely pet-friendly. Due to its synthetic materials, dogs won’t want to dig it up. It also effectively drains away any water and dries quickly, so you won’t be left with muddy or wet patches.

How to check your artificial grass will be durable

You should check the following to ensure your artificial grass will last and will not be destroyed by your dog:

  • Stitch rate – In other words, how many stitches there are in a square meter of grass. You should look for artificial grass with a high stitch rate.
  • The gauge – This is the distance between the lines of stitching. If the distance is too wide, the grass does not look as good. The combination of the gauge and stitch rate is what gives the density of the grass; the higher the density, the better the quality.
  • Strong backing – The backing of your artificial grass should consist of woven fabric. A good, strong backing is important for stability, as it needs to be resilient in all weather conditions.
  • Sub-base – In terms of your installation, you should always ensure the correct sub-based is used (crushed rock aggregate base).
  • Invisible joins – Check that your joins will not be visible. Most good installers will join two pieces of grass using a strong durable joining tape, this will give a professional, seamless finish and ensure that your grass wont come apart.

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