Why get Artificial Grass?

People commonly get artificial grass because they have pets, and they need a surface that can make both animal and human happy. You may have heard the reasons for getting fake grass; it’s usable all year, never needs cutting and looks just like the real stuff. It can make a discoloured lawn green again, as well as provide a place that wont get muddy from little paws. So what else do you need to know?

1. Pets Take to it Pretty Quickly

Imagine you have a play area that is wearing thin and hard and then imagine re-carpeting that area with something soft and dense. Dogs love comfort just as much as humans and take to artificial grass pretty quickly. It feels very similar to real grass and looks almost identical, accept it can’t be dug up or made muddy.

2. It Can Make a Big Difference to a Small Dog’s Life

The world can be an intimidating place for a small dog, and grass that is overgrown can be an unwelcome obstacle for little legs. If your grass is always at a nice and tidy length this may persuade your dog to go outside more often, get more exercise, and may help them do their business with ease. (Of course – it can make a difference to a big dog’s life too!)

3. Shorter Pile Heights Are Easier to Clean

You probably know how much of a pain it can be trying to scoop up a dog’s business when the grass needs a cut, that’s why it’s a good idea to choose fake grass that will make this job much easier.

4. It Can Cope With Your Pets’ Habits

Does your pet like to lie in a certain spot? Fake grass compacts and can spring back but if it is regularly compacted, it might need a bit of a brush up more regularly. It’s the same if you have garden furniture, or play equipment. Like to do their business in the same area? To keep the area sanitary, and prevent potential smells, we suggest washing these areas with warm soapy water. The good thing is – the area won’t become discoloured and the grass won’t die. Like to kick their legs up? Grass is made of plastic with a tough backing that is very durable. It won’t get ruined by energetic play or active animals.

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