Will Frost or Snow Damage Artificial Grass?

There are many common misconceptions regarding fake grass and the question of whether or not snow and frost will damage artificial grass is quite often one of the biggest.

There are many obvious benefits of having an artificial lawn but there are still a surprising amount of myths out there.

Snow or Frost Will NOT Damage Artificial Grass

The myth about frost or snow damaging fake grass is simply not true.

The misconception likely came about as snow and frost can damage REAL grass.

Unlike Astroturf, real grass can freeze and when you walk on frozen grass you’ll snap the blades off.

Snow and frost can also potentially kill the grass on real lawns.

Although ice and frost can form on artificial turf, the fibres of the plastic grass will not freeze.

Also, it will not damage the colour of your grass and it’ll still look as lush and green as it always has as soon as it thaws out.

So you can rest assured that snow and frost will not damage your beautiful artificial lawn and you’ll still be able to have fun building your snowman.

How Do I Remove Snow & Frost from An Artificial Lawn?

The best way to deal with snow, frost or ice is to allow it to thaw out naturally.

Most days, frost is normally gone by mid-morning.

It’s important to remember, that there is the potential to pull fibres away from the backing material if you attempt to remove snow or ice from your artificial lawn.

Using a shovel to remove snow or ice is certainly not recommended.

If installed correctly, artificial grass is completely free draining and when the snow or frost melts it will naturally drain away from the grass without puddling or causing any harm to your fake lawn.

Can I Use Grit or Rock Salt on An Artificial Lawn?

This is best avoided.

The salt will not damage the fibres, but there is the potential that the rough texture of gritting salt may damage the latex backing as it grinds against it under foot and can interfere with the drainage system.

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