Individuals with pets, especially canines, will recognize what destruction they can wreak on your garden, and particularly your grass. In case you’re considering fake grass in your garden, you may think about how your pets would respond. Our experience has been that pets love playing and lying on fake grass so you truly shouldn’t have anything to stress over.

Fake grass and your pet’s calls of nature

Stains on normal grass can be concerning when having a pet, as the majority of the time taken to develop a pleasant green lawn is destroyed by your pet’s waste! You’d have none of these issues with fake grass. The shade of the fake grass won’t be influenced by your pet’s waste, you’ll simply need to get rid of any mess with water to keep it clean.

Will your pet attempt to uncover your fake grass?

Your pooch may be very befuddled by your fake grass since they typically hope to burrow at the smell of soil. It’s likely that they won’t attempt to burrow at your grass, detecting it isn’t common lawn turf.

The best things about fake grass and your pets

A natural lawn takes a lot of upkeep, but artificial grass stays nice all year round so there’s no need to worry about your pets playing out on the mud in the winter and bringing dirt into your house. Because the grass stays green and healthy throughout the seasons, there’s no need to use grass feeds, seed or pesticides, either, which can be harmful to your pets.

Things to consider

One best tip is to ensure your cover is settled safely and that the surface underneath is secure with the knowledge that when your pooches (and family!) are playing on the grass, it won’t move. We can, obviously, assist you with this fitting.