Artificial lawns are great low-maintenance alternatives to real grass; however, low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance! This is especially true for dog owners. If you want to keep your artificial lawn looking great and smelling fresh, there are a few things you should know!

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Dogs?

Usually, yes! As long as your artificial lawn is securely laid and doesn’t slide around, your dog can safely play and relax on fake grass. Keep it clean and safe and your dog will be just fine.

Always double check that your artificial grass of choice doesn’t contain any materials or substances that are harmful to dogs, but most don’t. In many cases, artificial grass is actually safer than a real lawn as it won’t attract pests, such as fleas or lungworm – provided you keep your lawn clean, that is.

Can Dogs Ruin Artificial Grass?

Dogs will be much less likely to dig up artificial grass

If you’re a dog owner, you’ll know there’s very little a determined dog can’t ruin! However, artificial lawns are in many cases less likely to be spoilt by a dog than the real thing. For one, dogs won’t be inclined to dig in it as they won’t be able to smell any soil beneath the turf.

In addition, dog urine won’t discolour or damage artificial grass like it does the real thing. Dog pee can damage real grass as it is slightly acidic, but this isn’t a problem with fake turf.

Why Does my Artificial Lawn Smell?

Uric acid crystals are only visible under a microscope, but they can cause big problems!

It’s important to understand why artificial grass starts to stink, especially in warm weather. This’ll help you understand what to do and how to prevent it from happening.

Many people think that because their artificial lawn is made of plastic, it won’t absorb bad smells, and won’t require special cleaning. This isn’t really true. Dirt and bacteria can still cause bad smells if they’re left on your lawn but what really causes artificial grass to kick up a stink is dog urine. Your dog will pee on your artificial lawn at some point – accidents do happen after all! Usually, this will drain away, but it’ll still leave a smell. Even if you rinse it away, dog pee can still smell weeks later. Why is this?

The answer lies in uric acid crystals that exist within urine. These microscopic crystals don’t dissolve in water, meaning even as your dog’s accident drains away, you’ll still be left with these invisible crystals clinging to your lawn. In warm weather, these crystals are activated and attract more bacteria, which produces a strong smell. This is why your lawn can suddenly start to smell weeks after you noticed your dog pee on it, and it’s also why cleaning your artificial grass with the right cleaner is so important. Simply cleaning your lawn with regular soap and water won’t break down those smelly crystals!

Cleaning Your Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Cleaner

Pick up a cleaner such as our Artificial Grass Cleaner, which is designed to disinfect and break down the source of foul odours on artificial lawns rather than just mask them. It’s also perfectly safe to use around dogs (although like all disinfectants you should keep your dog away from the affected area until it’s dried), so it ticks every box.

Cleaning Heavily Soiled Areas of Artificial Grass

If the area is really badly soiled then you can use our Artificial Grass Cleaner neat, straight out of the bottle. This is good if you’ve got some trodden-in dog poo on your grass, or if you haven’t cleaned your lawn in a while and it’s a hot, smelly summer day.

Maintaining Your Artificial Lawn Around Dogs

Keep your lawn clean all year round to ensure it’s safe for dogs of all ages

Keep raking your lawn to keep leaves and dog fur off it. This will help reduce the number of bacteria that are attracted to your artificial grass and will help to stop it smelling.

In winter, you’ll have fewer problems with artificial grass smells, but you may have a problem with ice. Ice won’t harm your artificial grass if you let it melt naturally, but if your dog goes out playing on your lawn when it’s frozen solid, it could snap bits of your grass off, leaving you with an uneven lawn.