Artificial Grass Installation for dogs & pets its what we specialise in.

Installation of your SuperDog Turf is our upmost priority – it’s a job for SuperDog with SuperDog precision

We want your lawn to last… a long time.

We are specialists in the installation of artificial grass for dogs & pets. You will see from the 10 steps below that we ensure that each step is followed to create the lawn and garden that you and your pets will enjoy. The right garden is just waiting for you to book a quote or give us a call, we are here to help.

How we do it

Artificial Grass Installation

To start the top layer of old turf will be removed. We recommend that in clay soils areas this area of removal will be deeper.
Once the area has been completely excavated, we will then lay the geo- stabilising membrane to prevent sinkage.
We will build and provide a robust frame work to prevent lifting or loosening by worms, this can sometimes be concreted in.
SuperDog Turf will provide specific groundworks which will act as a bespoke urine and water filtration system.
Once the base of limestone has been compressed using special machinery, we will cover with granite and Zeo+, a volcanic odour reducing mineral.
Turf laying
Our team will then get to work on laying your SuperDog’s latex free Turf. It is guaranteed against fading, digging and urine staining for 8 years.
We ensure maximum focus on the edges and joins ensuring they will not lift or be noticed. Your pooch would LOVE to dig and chew any lifting edges.
Zeo+ Infil
The team will then prepare your new lawn by brushing and grooming. Once complete they will add the Zeo+ odour reducing infill
Brush & Tidy
The finishing touches are a quick hose down to settle any dust, a tidy up and we’re finished.
Doggie Playtime
If you have dogs, we are confident that artificial grass will be life changing for you and your pet!

Book a Quote

For an accurate design and price, our friendly surveyors will visit you, measure your garden and show you grass samples.

We are specialists in the installation of artificial grass for dogs & pets. It is our core business and we can recommend the right artificial grass for dogs & pets whatever the shape or size. With our unique Zeo+ infill we will ensure that you have a lawn that is clean, fresh and bacteria free for many years to come

We also supply grass for all garden types, take a look at our Eligrass site

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