Odour Control for Artificial Grass

SuperDog Turf odour control for your Artificial Grass

Odour control for artificial grass

Using Zeo+ can help control urine smells.
Zeo+ helps keep artificial grass clean, fresh and bacteria free.
Ideally spread as the top layer of the sub base, before the artificial grass is laid.
And layered into the artificial grass once installed.

If your lawn is already in place, the Zeo+ can still be used to help the filtration and control the smells by adding as a top dressing, layering and brushing in.

Once brushed in allow the Zeo+ to settle, with continued use of your lawn the Zeo+ will settle to the bottom of the grass fibres.

For the hottest times of the year and continued dry spells we recommend hosing the areas most commonly used to allow the Zeo+ to perform its deodorising properties.


Some points to note before you start

Do Not apply Zeo+ when your artificial grass is wet – it will just stick to the blades & may leave a white film!
Always use DRY Zeo+ on DRY Grass to make the the job alot easier.

So now you are ready – let’s go!

Here’s how to do it

1. The first job is to remove the debris, dog hair and leaves from the surface of the turf. Use a stiff brush and rubber gloves if you are going DIY

2. The lawn is then power brushed, to loosen any matted material at the base and pushes up the blades.

3. A commercial strength enzyme cleaner is carefully applied, this will digest the bacteria and uric acid crystals over the next 3 days. You can use a lawn sprinkler to wash it through the DIY way!

4. Zeo+, our odour adsorbing volcanic mineral infill is brushed into the grass, and worked down to the base.

5. The Zeo+ is gently watered in to lay the dust, and it is ready to use again by your furry friends!

LOOK OUT for our ‘how to’ video over on our tutorials page, with helpful hints and tips

Keep your lawn looking better

If you have a problem with urine odour removal for your artificial grass, we’d love to help. We are experts in odour removal, so contact us today for help in making your grass smell nicer and your dogs happier!

* Zeo+ is a type of infill specifically formulated to prevent liquids such as pet waste from gasifying. It is composed of 97.6% natural silicate zeolite that is formed when molten volcanic lava encounters seawater.
These natural, organic crystals have a honeycomb-like structure that make them microscopically porous. The crystals also carry a negative charge. So when they come in contact with positively-charged liquid ions – ammonia & Nitrogen, the positive ions become trapped within the crystal’s structure, this stops any gas forming and bacteria from developing.



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