If your pup’s favorite dog park is turfed with natural grass, it’s likely to be a soggy, muddy mess once the rains hit. You’ll both get filthy, and chances are good some of that mud and debris will wind up inside your house.

Natural grass is also extremely slippery when it gets wet. So while you can expect to get decent traction on the grass in dry weather, all bets are off when it rains. You and your pooch will be slip-sliding away instead of throwing and fetching.

And yet your four-legged friend needs exercise, to stay fit and healthy and to keep his doggie mind stimulated. So what can you do to keep him busy during rainy weather?

Stay home!

And be glad you made the decision to replace your natural grass lawn with artificial turf. It laughs at rain, quickly draining away water from even the heaviest downpours. Fake grass is not slippery when it’s wet. And it doesn’t generate mud and debris to track into the house. So what if it’s raining? Play ball!

Rather stay inside?

  • Play “hide and seek” and practice recall at the same time. Hide somewhere in the house, call your dog, and reward him when he finds you.
  • Make him “nose around” for his dinner, putting portions of it in a box, a Kong wobbler, or other puzzle toys.
  • Take an obedience or agility class at one of the local doggie day care or training facilities.

Doggie day care is a great option for busy pet parents who must, sadly, go to work instead of staying home to play with their beloved pups all day.