Introducing SuperDog Turf

Introducing SuperDog Turf and the grass we supply for customers with dogs and pets. We specialise in Artificial Grass for Dogs & Pets

How to install Zeo+ to your grass

At SuperDog Turf we have specialist teams who will install the Zeo+ into your grass. Zeo+ helps eliminate dog odours and bacteria caused by dog wee. SuperDog Turf specialises in artificial grass for dogs and pets

Artificial Grass Backings best for Dogs

Discover the different backings of artificial grass and what ones are best for dogs. Specialising in Artificial Grass for Dogs & Pets

Zeo+ The basics

SuperDog Turf uses Zeo+ - find how the benefits of Zeo+ and how it works for you and your dog. SuperDog Turf providing artificial grass for dogs and pets

Zeo+ Experiment showing how it works

SuperDog Turf presents an experiment to show how installing Zeo+ into your artificial grass works to reduce the smell and bacteria from Dog wee. SuperDog Turf specialising in artificial grass for dogs & pets


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Let's Build Your Dream Garden Together

Tired of muddy paws, brown patches and wee circles? Want to create a space that both you and your dogs will love. Get in touch today, it’ll be the best decision you made.