A considerable lot of my clients regularly stress that their pooch won’t care for the vibe, smell or look of fake turf.

The good news is that in all my experience as an artificial grass installer, we’ve never once had this problem. And in most cases, the only real difference you’ll find is that your dog will no longer try to dig up your garden!

Give me a chance to clarify why we think puppies respond so positively to fake grass.

What makes fake grass so appealing to puppies?

In my experience, dogs tend to find artificial grass soft and enjoyable to play on, and seem to love running about on it as soon as we’ve finished the installation. In fact, we’ve never had any issue with pets reacting badly to artificial grass. Another bonus is that it heats up slightly in the sun, which just happens to be ideal for pets to take a nap on!

Since there’s no mud like a genuine grass, and its made up of synthetic material, dogs won’t endeavor to dig it up. What’s more, it is ok for your pet to urinate and poo of course, a portion of our clients have even said they don’t use it for that reason as much as they did with a natural lawn.

Numerous property holders say its their pets that were the principle purpose behind buying fake grass, it means they can go out when it is raining and due to its delicate and springy feel, it’s enjoyable to play on all year.

Is all fake grass totally canine friendly?

Its hard wearing, so your puppy won’t have the capacity to pull it apart, or eat it. Simply check your fake grass has a high stitch rate & guage, alongside a solid support and imperceptible joins. This should guarantee it can withstand even the most rowdy of puppies.

In spite of the fact that we’ve never been called back because of pets demolishing an artificial garden, you may in any case be worried that your puppy will attempt to pull up the grass at the edges. In which case, there are two alternatives that can be set up at install:

  1. The introduction of round, galvanised pins around the perimeter of the grass. These will hold the grass in place, and should be installed so deep into the grass and sub-base that pets wouldn’t be able to dig them up.
  2. Nailing the grass edge to a timber border. Timber borders are usually installed for decorative effect if homeowners want a clean edge to add decorative chips or plants around the border. Again, these nails are so far down and hidden that pets wouldn’t be able to dig up the edges or get hurt with the nails.

These choices should give you peace of mind that your grass will remain in place.


I trust this blog has been useful when stressing over whether your pooch will like the fake grass. As far as we can tell, pets love the delicate and springy feel of an artificial grass, and love having the capacity to play on it 365 days a year. Not any more miserable faces at the window when it’s raining!